X Marks the Spot: Were All Going to Die! So... Whats for Lunch? (Happy Accidents Book 3)

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At SharpScholar we created a highly interdependent product—the usage of the product depended on approval from students and admin which effectively complicated our relationship with the teacher. This resulted in us having different messaging for students, teachers, and admin as well as lack of focus as to who we are tailoring to. Lesson Learned: Minimize or eliminate layers of approval and interdependence of your product.

Teachers prefer not to use tools that require different layers of approval from others. Product: Backplane. The problem was that [CEO Scott] Harrison says the big-name VC money came with tough liquidation preferences that would give those investors returns first if Backplane had a successful exit. Product: Shuddle.

For over two years, the company touted safe and reliable transportation for children via its family-focused ride-sharing service.

In , Shuddle received a cease and desist letter from California regulators for failing to register with TrustLine, a company that runs background check for adults working closely with children. Title: Identity verification startup Jumio files for bankruptcy, will sell assets to early backer Eduardo Saverin. Product: Jumio. However, it [Jumio] competed with similar technologies like Card. The company appeared to have been facing troubles for some time — the company last year swapped CEOs after examining its books.

Founder and CEO Daniel Mattes was ousted after what may have been possible financial irregularities, Fortune had reported. Title: TrustBuddy Loses Trust. Product: TrustBuddy. Members of the previous management team have been placed on suspension during the investigation. Title: After laying off most of its staff, clothing resale startup Fashion Project regroups. Product: Fashion Project.

14 Times ‘The Simpsons’ Predicted the Future (Photos)

We were receiving thousands of items daily. Palmer also says that it has proven difficult to compete with better-funded consignment startups when it comes to spending on marketing that brings in shoppers. Product: PostGhost. On July 6, , PostGhost.

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Title: Chef Nightly food delivery app shuts down amid intense competition. Product: Chef Nightly. We rounded up 11 startups deserving of an autopsy from the tail-end of and the start of Product: Leap Transit. Its primary draw was luxury. Each bus had a wood-trimmed interior outfitted with black leather seats, individual USB ports and Wi-Fi. The buses also offered a steady stream of high-end snacks, sold via app.

I had come to the see the buses to find out what it looks like when a start-up bites the dust. The luxury vehicles were up for auction; Leap filed for bankruptcy in July. Title: Why Rdio died.

Product: Rdio. Which is partly the trap of the business model itself — because of the content licensing deals, the margins for the business were so incredibly thin.

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You have to make it up with extreme volume, which is why you see Spotify going after every human being in the world. The result was a relative preponderance of lab researchers with Ph. Product: SideCar. In short, we were forced to shut down operations and sell. We were unable to compete against Uber, a company that raised more capital than any other in history and is infamous for its anti-competitive behavior. The legacy of Sidecar is that we out-innovated Uber but still failed to win the market.

We failed — for the most part — because Uber is willing to win at any cost and they have practically limitless capital to do it. Title: Why did HealthSpot fail? The telemedicine industry weighs in. Product: Healthspot. Jason Gorevic, CEO of telemedicine company Teladoc, expressed his belief that there are three critical elements to success in this industry segment: the technology platform, clinical capabilities and consumer engagement. This is where HealthSpot may have fallen down.

Teladoc has two revenue streams: a per-member, per-month fee it charges its partners, plus a per-visit fee. Title: The Beginning of the End. Product: Flytenow.

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On Friday, December 18, the U. However, we are still fighting as pilots to make this happen. Title: Dehli-based logistics startup Delivree King shuts down. Product: Delivree King. Product: Top The hotel industry is particularly challenging given the size, reach and budgets of the big players.

At Top10 we did an amazing job innovating in this tough space, but ultimately the competitive landscape made it too expensive for us to scale, and for that reason we decided to close the company. Product: Prismatic. Product: Carrier IQ. Knowledge of what our software tracked unbeknownst to the average user clearly hit a nerve with a public already skeptical about how private information is regarded by large corporations and other organizations for their own purposes … And so, unsurprisingly, following the revelations, there was a windfall of announcements about which companies were using it and were not using it to collect information; lawsuits over privacy violations and legislation drafted to tighten controls for the future.

Some of those class-action suits, it appears, have been settled. Product: Laguna Pharmaceuticals. Two months into its roughly patient initial Phase 3 trial, called Restore SR, researchers started to see side effects that would not have enabled Laguna to market the drug as widely as they had initially anticipated, [Laguna CEO Bob] Baltera said. Rather than trying to find any path forward, we decided to shut the company down. While unicorns continue to be minted and mega rounds continue, there are still many new lessons to be learned from startups facing risks as they navigate the turbulent contract worker economy or failing to acquire customers.

The 11 new additions, below. Product: Pixable. We never wanted to be the next Buzzfeed. We always wanted to be who we were, Pixable. And it was working. Unfortunately, circumstances [despite reaching 9. Product: Bonafide. In the email, co-founders Karthik Balasubramanian and Brian Moyer stated their belief that the movement of investor interest away from consumer-facing applications for the technology was also a factor. Product: Dine In. Product: Quirky.

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Product: Homejoy. None of them were class actions yet, but they made fundraising that much harder. Title: Selltag has shut down.