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Yes, it certainly has played an important role in the development of our civilizations over the past thousands of years. But we cannot justify its future solely based on its past. What relevance does it have now? Rather than putting the burden and the guilt on people for leaving religion, I believe that our traditions must make a case for our adherence. These divisions amongst us are not natural. Our particular linguistic and communal divisions were created due to our dispersion throughout the diaspora. It is not the countries of Spain Sepharad or Germany Ashkenaz that gave us great Torah scholars, rather the Torah itself.

Some speak of a post-denominational Judaism.

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Imagine a Jewish community that blends the best of all Jewish worlds: Torah, customs, recipes, tunes — creating something new, dynamic, exciting and different. Ashkenazi and Sephardi join as one. Who shall live and who shall die? Whether you take these words literally or metaphorically, take them seriously. They heighten our need to live with greater urgency. When taken seriously, they help us prioritize that which is genuinely important. It acknowledges the inherent uncertainty of the coming year Who shall live and who shall die?

A life spent in repentance, prayer and righteous deeds is a richer and better life. We need to talk about racism on the holiest day of the year. I realize that it can feel uncomfortable for Jews who have a history of being marginalized and who have suffered the effects of white supremacists, who explicitly and often violently exclude Jews to come out and say we are racists.

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What are we doing to welcome Jews of color into our communities and synagogues? How can we lift up their narratives and expand our tent?

How can we be an anti-racist — to use Ibram X. Our world is hurting. We are in trouble. I plan to discuss the importance of common decency in our discourse and in our actions. Words can be weapons of hate or comfort and they are ultimately within our power. There are many threats to our sense of safety and security from school shootings to wildfires to the violence at Poway.

What does our tradition have to say as guidance in this uncertainty? One piece of our liturgy, the Unetaneh Tokef, speaks about the many dangers present in the coming year and even cultivates in us a spiritual state of uncertainty — not to scare us but to motivate us to take responsibility for changing the things we can. We chant Untetaneh Tokef with its plaintive melody and haunting theme as a reminder that life has always been fragile and the Jewish response to that fragility is to appreciate the preciousness of life and to act to improve the world we all live in. What will you author or inspire, give birth to or launch and let go?

What mountain will you climb or relationship will you mend? What difference will your presence make in your home, your family and your community this year? To inspire us, Torah illustrates this idea of being on a mission, being sent.

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Send out one person from each of the 12 tribes to scout out the land of Canaan. Send me. Every day, and especially as the New Year calls us to awaken, it is an auspicious and urgent time to powerfully take on the words of Isaiah and make them our own. So I ask you, what will you do with your one, wild and precious year? Tell me your mission for and how I can support you. A birthday is a time to reflect. It is a time to think about the past year and consider how we want to be in the year to come. Rosh Hashanah celebrates the creation of our world. We continue to completely own this place and have once again proven ourselves to be the fittest such that the future for our genetic material looks good.

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Our numbers continue to grow and we are extending our domination of the natural world. However, for the Earth and almost every other species, it is has been yet another disastrous year. One million species were lost completely. Forests have been destroyed, water poisoned and arable land used up at eye-popping rates. And the cause of all this destruction? We are taught to believe that we are to tend the earth and till [it]. We are not just the consumers but the custodians as well. And we are taught to believe that we are to act now both for ourselves and the generations that follow.

We have failed and failed monstrously. While there are many personal reasons for anguish, there is also a blanket of despair that covers much of our nation. The spike in anti-Semitism, the fear of gun violence, the suffering of children and the assault on truth, to name a few. Even at our lowest moments, we can learn from those who came before us. Rebbe Nachman of Bratslav, who battled deep depression, taught: Find a little bit of good in others and ourselves. To counter despair, make it a daily spiritual practice to search out the good. It could be simple.

Create an ongoing list of all the good you see. Keep it next to you. Learn to hold both the joy and the pain. Many come to shul regularly and they are seeking a deeper understanding of the meaning of life during the High Holy Days. Sharing kabbalistic insights and fascinating Torah thoughts can accomplish this. Then there are those who set foot into a Jewish house of worship only this one time of the year.

The way that this is done is with authenticity. By inspiring Jews with the moral values and wisdom of Torah-true Judaism we touch their hearts and ignite their souls. The overwhelming majority of Jews coming to High Holy Days services this year do not want to hear politics. No matter how important a rabbi feels a certain political issue may be, I believe it would be a big mistake to preach about it from the pulpit.

People come to shul to seek spiritual guidance and not hear more of the politics, which have turned brother against brother and neighbors into enemies.

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My hope for this High Holy Days season is that we are successful in turning our synagogues into sacred havens of spirituality free of political strife. That is what I believe people in the pews want to hear this year. The depravity captured through the media lures us into action, and oversteps the need to first reflect upon our hand in this mess. No red or blue, no liberal or conservative, just humans trying the best that we can. The year has been difficult and, in the middle of all that we face personally, nationally and globally, we must hold on to hope and garner the strength to move forward, taking action for positive change.

We must even celebrate the joy of living, loving and come to these High Holy Days both to reconnect with our communities, supporting and gaining strength from one another, as well as individually build resilience, by rediscovering the anchoring presence of the Divine. Firming the inner core of our being makes it possible to withstand and cope with whatever it is we must face. Rosh Hashanah is the birthday of the human so, through meditative moments, I will guide a rebirthing of the soul, connecting each person to the breath of the Holy One as described in Torah upon the creation of the first human being.

Despite our fears, we can find the courage to face our iniquities, whether purposeful or inadvertent, mend and heal our relationships and be ready on Yom Kippur to be cleansed of the past, ready, with optimism and confidence, to enter a new year of potentiality. Rosh Hashanah is supposed to be about creation writ large, and the creation of humanity in particular. However, the Torah and haftarah readings for Rosh Hashanah discuss family rupture, rather than creation. Why did the rabbis of antiquity deliberately choose these devastating texts of familial disintegration and heartache for us to read on Rosh Hashanah?

In order to emphasize the foundational primacy of familial relationship in Judaism and the human condition.

Kabbalah guided meditation

Here are some questions to ask along the way:. And what am I supposed to be doing in it? Or am I going through life imitating the person I used to be? And if not, what died inside of me? Every morally reflective person wants change in themselves. My paintings relieve the pressure on my poems, and together, they relieve the pressure on the rest of my life and keep me in dialogue with myself.

What matters is that I somehow manage to write poems. She edits Foundry , and her website is elizabethonusko. Go on computer - read written words from yesterday. The first draft was 40 pages long …. The editor within ends up half-lying about everything.