To Make Men Free: A Novel of the Civil War

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Shelby Foote. A superbly readable military history by a novelist who did a massive amount of historical research. James McPherson. Allan Nevins.

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These eight volumes are a magisterial account of the crisis-laden years from the Mexican War to Appomattox, covering social, economic, political, and military events in compelling prose. David M. The best single-volume survey of the political events that led to secession and war. Harry S. Bell Irvin Wiley. Thoroughly researched and superbly written studies of the common soldiers in both armies.

Michael Burlingame. Richard J. David Donald.

To Make Men Free : A Novel of the Civil War -

Fred Kaplan. Eric Foner.

Doris Kearns Goodwin. Allen C. Harold Holzer. William Lee Miller. Craig Symonds. Navy, and the Civil War , Douglas L. Kenneth J.


Margaret Creighton. George C. Carol Bundy. Michael Fellman.

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Douglas Southall Freeman. Burnside has his own set of problems. Early in the war, he was a genius.

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Antietam and Fredericksburg ruined that. His good work in Kentucky forgotten. Burnside reports to Grant but receives instructions through Meade. Burnside's corps is the "bastard child" at the Army of the Potomac's family dinner. From digging graves at Arlington to fighting in the Crater, we see what being Black was like. In training, we see the Irish and the Negros interact in honest, frank writing that can be uncomfortable.

Combat is brutally honest, bloody and deadly. The actions of white Union soldiers are well documented and presented factually, with no apologies. This is a "Historical Novel" not a history. The Crater is informative, entertaining, challenging and very enjoyable. July 1, - Published on Amazon. I like this book and his other set in the American Revolution.

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They released this one during the primaries and so the other reviews, positive and negative, have some bias. There is a better historical treatment they drew from for this book but I want an audio book. It was well read and worth the time. They praised the US Colored Troops units; possibly to a fault but considering they were volunteers in a country where they did not have equal rights this is understandable. Sadly, with I could not find historical documentation about the telegrams mentioned in the book but I did not do very deep research. Overall, I think the book and reading were well done and is value-added as a historical fiction for this remarkable, sad, and relatively unknown battle during the siege of Petersburg.

April 16, - Published on Amazon. Gingrich and Forstchen have written one of the most meaningful Civil War novels to date. After reading this historical novel, I wonder how the Union won the war? The missteps and bobbles by Generals' Meade and Burnside are mind boggling! Sending thousands of troops to their meaningless death is unconscionable, if not criminal! Why would leadership send wave after wave of Union soldiers against Confederate troops hidden in protective trenches only to be slaughtered like sheep? The novel is narrated by a Harper's Weekly artist and illustrator, James Reilly.

He is also a friend and visual spy for Abraham Lincoln. Reilly's job is to be at the front lines sketching what he sees and listening for officer and troop reactions towards the war. After laboring as a burying detail at Arlington, Virginia; the black unit is finally going to see action near Petersburg, Virginia. Once at the site of the conflict, the black troops are trained every day by battle hardened sergeants. The plan by Col. Pleasants is to tunnell underneath the Confederate lines to their fort and blow it up, while the colored troops charge the shocked Johnny Rebs and continue the attack all the way to Richmond, thus ending the war.

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The plan was approved by a enthused, but shaky General Burnside and begrudgingly by his disobliging superior General Meade. Just before the operation, Gen. Meade changes everything! You will have to read all pages to obtain the unpleasurable results of his decision. Republicans, according to Richardson, once again uphold the racist and elitist limited-government principles of James Henry Hammond.

Conservatives have allowed big business to smother democracy and restore inequality in America to levels last seen in the slaveholding South. Such omissions become more problematic when Richardson accounts for the rise of modern conservatism. She makes no attempt to grapple with the conservative intellectual revival sparked by William F.

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