The Scorpion

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Scorpius, the Scorpion

This was a major blow to House Targaryen. To combat Daenerys Targaryen 's dragons, Cersei Lannister 's new Hand of the Queen Qyburn commissions the construction of a very powerful custom scorpion. Qyburn has Cersei accompany him to the crypts below the Red Keep where the skulls of dead dragons are housed.

Qyburn shows her the scorpion he's had built and invites her to fire the bolt at the skull of Balerion. The bolt pierces the skull easily. Cersei seems very pleased. Though the weapon usually requires a team to operate, Bronn manages to operate Qyburn's scorpion during the battle of the Goldroad and fire it against Drogon while Daenerys is riding him.

Scorpion (comics)

The bolt misses his eyes, however, and only strikes him in the shoulder - failing to deeply penetrate the dragon's iron scales which apparently Qyburn nor anyone else considered for penetration , and only inflicting a minor flesh wound. Drogon then destroys the scorpion by blasting it with fire, and Bronn barely escapes.

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When he lands nearby, Drogon destroys the burning cart with a single swipe of his tail. Euron Greyjoy uses several scorpions, installed on his ships , to kill Rhaegal and destroy the Targaryen fleet in a battle in the waters off Dragonstone.

After about 5 minutes or so, one of the Meerkats came within 2 metres of us to forage on the top of the bank. As soon as we locked onto him, he was already up to his waist down a burrow. He quickly emerged with a Slender-Tailed Scorpion in his mouth.

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  • This was the moment we had wished for and it was happening right in front of us. Within seconds it was totally devoured.

    And just as he was done, another Meerkat pulled out another scorpion. Our attention switched to it and we watched again in awe as it devoured its meal. Artistic coffee-table books by world-renowned wildlife photographers. Guide Books, including our best-selling Self-drive series of books.