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Many of the most popular Kennedy assassination theories have the trappings of a Cold War spy novel: political intrigue, colorful villains and labyrinthine twists and turns. But at least one theory that has gained traction in recent years has a relatively straightforward storyline: The assassination of President John F.

Kennedy was a tragic accident — not the work of a sinister gunman or a conspiracy to topple the king of Camelot. There are no Mafia dons or Soviet pawns at the center of the so-called "accident theory" — just an ordinary Secret Service agent with a bad case of butterfingers. It's not rife with intrigue," said Bonar Menninger, a Kansas City journalist and a leading proponent of the theory.

Menninger is part of a small but vocal group of theorists who hold that after Lee Harvey Oswald rattled off multiple shots at the motorcade carrying Kennedy past the Texas School Book Depository, a Secret Service agent riding in a car immediately behind the presidential limousine grabbed his Colt AR high-velocity rifle to return fire.

Accidental assassin: JFK theory alleges Secret Service agent fumbled gun

But when his car stopped suddenly, the theory holds, Agent George Hickey lost his balance and accidentally discharged his weapon, sending a. New polling shows that nearly two in three Americans believe JFK's death was the product of a criminal conspiracy. As the nation remembers Kennedy on the 50th anniversary of his death, NBC News is exploring some of the most compelling conspiracy theories that have lingered over the last half-century. Nearly 20 years ago, Menninger laid out the theory in "Mortal Error: The Shot That Killed JFK," a book premised on the work of Howard Donahue, a Baltimore firearms expert who in began probing ballistic and forensic evidence, and concluded that Hickey was the elusive second gunman whose "friendly fire" from street level killed Kennedy.

It's a shame because he moved a fair amount of product. If you can get FriendlyChemist to meet up with us, or pay us his debt then I'm sure I would be able to get people in our group to give this online side of the business a try. As it stands right now, there are people looking for him and since he has avoided our group, I'm not sure what will happen since he owes us money and is avoiding us.

GTA V Hotel Assassination Mission 100% Gold and Manipulating the Stock Market for Millions

I've looked around your site, and the prices are absolutely absurd. I'm assuming most people on here selling are 3 or 4 tiers below the actual producers or distributors? I don't think he is going to come up with the money because he seems very desperate. I'm not sure how much you already know about the guy, but I have the following info and am waiting on getting his address:. It is hard to estimate because it depends on how much market share you get and also the site as a whole is constantly growing. You will need to become very proficient at stealth shipping and packaging if you aren't already.

Think vacuum sealers and leaving no forensic evidence on your packages.

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You will also want to ship from multiple drop points so you can't be traced back via your fake return address. If you take the necessary precautions, and use the technology, I think you can operate very securely and efficiently here, maybe more so than some of your current operations. Also, we have kidnapped friendlychemists partner Xin already and are on the hunt for friendlychemist.

I will keep you updated on the developments. So far though we are liking what we see with this site and this could be a good partnership for both of us. As far as I can see, this site lacks any big time suppliers. It appears it is mostly it is street level independents that are buying small amounts 1oz - 1 kilo at a time and selling on here. We have the product and the man power to do big things here. Forgive me, but it all seems a little too good to be true right now so I will need some time to really research this before I make any sort of commitment.

If I understand the situation, he is the one responsible for your loss.

Assassination attempts

You should definitely take your time and start slowly. I would hate for you to make a mistake and be left with a bad experience. Just let me know if you need anything. Also, you should look into PGP. Many customers like to encrypt their receiving address so you should know how to decrypt it. It's the only way we communicate with each other aside from in person, since phone calls are not secure.

There is no loss anymore, also. We were able to recover all of our missing product when we grabbed Xin. After some "questioning" he admitted he was intending on moving to a different country and setting up a new seller account on this site. We don't take too kindly to thieves. He's gone. I appreciate your offer to waive the fee, but If we were to sell on here I would like to pay the same as everyone else. Very kind of you though. I will be in touch. Roberts tells him to wait, and contacts Redandwhite to ask him for help finding FriendlyChemist's location so that he can "scare" him.

But soon they begin to instead discuss the possibility of the Angels killing FriendlyChemist and negotiate how much Roberts will pay for the murder. Are you still looking for him or now that you've found Xin have you given up? I would like to put a bounty on his head if it's not too much trouble for you. What would be an adequate amount to motivate you to find him? Necessities like this do happen from time to time for a person in my position. I have others I can turn to, but it is always good to have options and you are close to the case right now.

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Hopefully this is something you are open to and can be another aspect of our business relationship. Regards, DPR. We usually tend to stay away from hits as they are bad for business and bring a lot of heat. Is it a problem that can be resolved or does it need to be dealt with sternly? As of right now, we don't care about him because we retrieved more from Xin than what he took from us, and he also paid for it with his life.

Debt paid in our books.

The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy,

As far as rates go, we don't have a flat rate for things like that. It's on a case by case basis. If it's strictly a hit because they don't want the person around anymore it's also different.

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Does he owe you money or do you just not want him around anymore? I can send a couple of my guys to do recon to find out exactly where he is right now in the meantime until I hear back from you. He is trying to blackmail me. Just let me know what you need to make this worth your while. Speaking from experience, it will become a lot more difficult to find him again after that once he knows there are people capable of finding, him looking for him. Further, the people we use to do the recon are the hitter themselves. I don't think they will be interested in continuing looking for him if there will be a small sum to be split between them just to find his address.

If you have your mind set on just finding his location, I can talk to them and get them to get it for you for a fee not sure what amount as usually when we hunt someone, there is more involved after we find them. If you want to deal with him the other way, we can talk about that too, but price varies on the situation. If you want it to look like an accident, it would cost a lot more.

It wouldn't be suspicious. He would just leave home one day and not return. If you don't care what it looks like, it would be cheaper than the accident. We use professionals and not street level hoodlums who always end up fucking things up. How much does he owe you and how much are you willing to pay? If there are funds retrieved, how much would we keep from what he has when we get him if he has anything? As you don't take kindly to thieves, this kind of behavior is unforgivable to me. Especially here on Silk Road, anonymity is sacrosanct. It doesn't have to be clean, and I don't think there are any funds to be retrieved.

These prices pay for 2 professional hitters including their travel expenses and work they put in. We can use out of town hitters if you want as well, but I would not suggest them because they come with an extra cost and you don't seem to care how he is taken care of. When would you like this done? Are the prices you quoted the best you can do?

I would like this done asap as he is talking about releasing the info on Monday. Best I can do is and even that is pushing it. Since you need a rush job done, usually we would charge even more. In the interest of business relationship to be, I could do No lower.

If does not work for you, we are going to have to pass.