Sooner Dead: A Dungeons & Dragons Novel (Gamma World)

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NERF Dungeons And Dragons Challenge - The Reboot!

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Sooner Dead by Mel Odom

Neil Gaiman. Good Omens. The Last Wish. Andrzej Sapkowski. Asked 8 months ago.

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Active 8 months ago. Viewed times. I think a "silver-surfer" type alien shows up near the middle or end but I am not certain.

Review: 'Sooner Dead', by Mel Odom

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  7. Perhaps the most important - when did you read it and when would it have been published? This Amazon review mentions the nanobots and the Hadron Collider: Now it's been a long time since I cracked open a Gamma World rule book, so I forget what the mythology said about the cause of the apocalypse, but in these books it was a mishap with the Large Hadron Collider.

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