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By providing your email address, you consent to receive electronic communications from Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. This is usually when good pills do bad things. The risk-benefit ratio is no longer the same. Treating a healthy person is very different than treating a sick person.

Medical professionals take a vow never to cause harm and giving medicine to a healthy person is not the same as giving medicine to a sick person. Vitamin C is similar to glutathione in that it is also a powerful antioxidant depleted by toxins. Smoking tobacco depletes vitamin C levels and the expert doctors at the National Institute of Health NIH have recommended that healthy smokers consume extra vitamin C supplement in the pill form.

Interestingly, vitamin C is also used in the IV form as a skin lightener, often times it is combined with glutathione. Do high levels restore and repair damage that has already occurred? That is being investigated now. Until then, eat lots of broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus.

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References 1. FDA website. Accessed Jan. Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc. Product Information: acetylcysteine inhalation solution, acetylcysteine inhalation solution. It needs knowledge on the subject, sincerity, honesty and determination. Although the process of reviewing a manuscript is a time consuming task butit is expected to give one's best remarks within the time frame of the journal. Salient features of the JCDR: It is a biomedical, multidisciplinary including all medical and dental specialities , e-journal, with wide scope and extensive author support.

There is fast growing authorship and readership with JCDR as this can be judged by the number of articles published in it i e; in Feb of its first issue, it contained 5 articles only, and now in its recent volume published in April , it contained 67 manuscripts. This e-journal is fulfilling the commitments and objectives sincerely, as stated by Editor-in-chief in his preface to first edition i e; to encourage physicians through the internet, especially from the developing countries who witness a spectrum of disease and acquire a wealth of knowledge to publish their experiences to benefit the medical community in patients care.

I also feel that many of us have work of substance, newer ideas, adequate clinical materials but poor in medical writing and hesitation to submit the work and need help. JCDR provides authors help in this regards. Timely publication of journal: Publication of manuscripts and bringing out the issue in time is one of the positive aspects of JCDR and is possible with strong support team in terms of peer reviewers, proof reading, language check, computer operators, etc.

This is one of the great reasons for authors to submit their work with JCDR. This facility not only provides the prompt publications of the manuscripts but at the same time also early availability of the manuscripts for the readers. Indexation and online availability: Indexation transforms the journal in some sense from its local ownership to the worldwide professional community and to the public. Manuscriptspublished in JCDR are available on major search engines ie; google, yahoo, msn.

In the era of fast growing newer technologies, and in computer and internet friendly environment the manuscripts preparation, submission, review, revision, etc and all can be done and checked with a click from all corer of the world, at any time. Of course there is always a scope for improvement in every field and none is perfect. To progress, one needs to identify the areas of one's weakness and to strengthen them.

It is well said that "happy beginning is half done" and it fits perfectly with JCDR. It has grown considerably and I feel it has already grown up from its infancy to adolescence, achieving the status of standard online e-journal form Indian continent since its inception in Feb This had been made possible due to the efforts and the hard work put in it.

The way the JCDR is improving with every new volume, with good quality original manuscripts, makes it a quality journal for readers. Every one of us: authors, reviewers, editors, and publisher are responsible for enhancing the stature of the journal. I wish for a great success for JCDR. Rajendra Kumar Ghritlaharey, M. Shankar P. Hemant Jain, Editor, in March , which introduced the new electronic journal. The main features of the journal which were outlined in the e-mail were extensive author support, cash rewards, the peer review process, and other salient features of the journal.

Over a span of over four years, we I and my colleagues have published around 25 articles in the journal. In this editorial, I plan to briefly discuss my experiences of publishing with JCDR and the strengths of the journal and to finally address the areas for improvement. The best point about the journal is that it responds to queries from the author.

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This may seem to be simple and not too much to ask for, but unfortunately, many journals in the subcontinent and from many developing countries do not respond or they respond with a long delay to the queries from the authors 1. The reasons could be many, including lack of optimal secretarial and other support. Another problem with many journals is the slowness of the review process. Editorial processing and peer review can take anywhere between a year to two years with some journals. Also, some journals do not keep the contributors informed about the progress of the review process.

Due to the long review process, the articles can lose their relevance and topicality.

Glutathione capsules Skin Whitening Transition dark to light skin (Before & After Photos)

A major benefit with JCDR is the timeliness and promptness of its response. In Dr Jain's e-mail which was sent to me in , before the introduction of the Pre-publishing system, he had stated that he had received my submission and that he would get back to me within seven days and he did!

Most of the manuscripts are published within 3 to 4 months of their submission if they are found to be suitable after the review process. JCDR is published bimonthly and the accepted articles were usually published in the next issue. Recently, due to the increased volume of the submissions, the review process has become slower and it?? Section can take from 4 to 6 months for the articles to be reviewed. The journal has an extensive author support system and it has recently introduced a paid expedited review process. The journal also mentions the average time for processing the manuscript under different submission systems - regular submission and expedited review.

Strengths of the journal: The journal has an online first facility in which the accepted manuscripts may be published on the website before being included in a regular issue of the journal.

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This cuts down the time between their acceptance and the publication. The journal is indexed in many databases, though not in PubMed. The editorial board should now take steps to index the journal in PubMed. The journal has a system of notifying readers through e-mail when a new issue is released. I especially like the new and colorful page format of the journal. Also, the access statistics of the articles are available. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Happy reading Real Glutathione Rx Bookeveryone.

This Book have some digital formats such us :paperbook, ebook, kindle, epub, fb2 and another formats. Connect with us! Glutathione - Healthy Way Rx!

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