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Control areas around aerodromes are typically class D and a speed limit of knots applies if the aircraft is below FL 10, feet. An aerodrome is a location from which flight operations take place such as large commercial airports, small General Aviation airfields and Military Air Bases.

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The term airport may imply a certain stature having satisfied certain certification criteria or regulatory requirements that an aerodrome may not have. So whilst all airports are aerodromes, not all aerodromes are airports. Class E.

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Class G. In class G airspace, aircraft may fly when and where they like, subject to a set of simple rules. Although there is no legal requirement to do so, many pilots notify Air Traffic Control of their presence and intentions and pilots take full responsibility for their own safety, although they can ask for help. Air Traffic Control can provide pilots in Class G with basic flight information service to support their safe flying. An Alerting Service is also provided if necessary to notify appropriate organisations regarding aircraft in need of assistance e. Control Zones CTZ. Aerodrome Control Zones afford protection to aircraft within the immediate vicinity of aerodromes.

Control Areas CTA. Terminal Control Areas are normally established at the junction of airways in the vicinity of one or more major aerodromes. Airways are corridors of airspace connecting the Control Areas and link up with airways in other countries too. Airways are normally 10 miles wide and have bases usually between 5, feet and 7, feet and they extend upward to a height of 24, feet. Upper Air Routes. Upper air routes UARs sit above airways.

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Their vertical limits are usually FL 25, feet — FL 46, feet. All airspace above 24, feet is Class C controlled airspace. Danger can come from airborne activities, such as military aircraft training or air-to-air refuelling. These Sectors are like 3D jigsaw puzzle pieces with differing heights and sizes that interlock to cover the sky. The number, type and skills of those allocated to a Sector will vary depending on the nature of airspace it covers e. Class and Type as described above as well as how busy or complex it is.

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This FIR is made up of , square miles of sky, and is the largest in Europe. When designing the tracks, the prevailing wind is taken into account so aircraft can take advantage of tailwinds. This makes flight more fuel economical and gets the aircraft and passengers to their destinations quicker. Clearances given by Air Traffic Control to pilots to cross the ocean will include details on the track an aircraft should follow, flight level, speed and time to join a track. Planners on either side of the Ocean consult with each other and co-ordinate as necessary to make sure aircraft entering and departing their FIRs can be handled and managed efficiently without overloading the airspace.

In Oceanic airspace, routings and reporting are based on latitude and longitude. Every ten degrees of latitude pilots make a report giving present position, height and the next two positions that they are intending to route. The controller can check that the flight is routing in accordance with their clearance and amend or deal with any requests as required. Traditionally, pilot reports were made using radio on High Frequency to operators in Shannon, Ireland. Controller—pilot data link communication systems now enable the sending and receiving of text based messages, thus cutting out the requirement to make verbal reports.

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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order. High flying drama Read this book in two days. Books like this keep me on the ground , too many things can go wrong in today's planes. Older equipment and money saving ways makes for faulty shortcuts. Great read with hair raising ending!

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Great read! I absolutely loved it. Kept me interested from beginning to end with edge of my seat ending The story line and the characters came alive with every turn of the page. I am looking forward to another of the authors book's. Interesting concept Fairly good characters, although the American use of "ain't" was a over used presumption. Decent intrigue and intensity. Sort of a feel good ending. Absolutely stunning. This is a top aviation thriller that doesn't let go, superbly written with great characters and situations.

Do not miss this book. Dec 06, Jim rated it it was ok. I was attracted to this book because I am interested in flying and I was brought up near Prestwick Airport where the action is set. And there's plenty of action going on in the book, that's for sure, but it is piled on with a JCB. This could have been a book that focused on characters as opposed to incidents, but there's little room for character development when the author keeps injecting more and more crisis into their lives for them to deal with. As the plots and dramas are heaped into the st I was attracted to this book because I am interested in flying and I was brought up near Prestwick Airport where the action is set.

As the plots and dramas are heaped into the story the book becomes increasingly ridiculous and the tension begins to seep away. You just cannot take it seriously and I found myself flicking past pages as I neared the end of the novel as I realised that it was all just going to go the way you thought it would.

But, as I couldn't lend the characters credibility, I wasn't too bothered about what happened to any of them. I also have to say that the character development is somewhat "old school".

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Let's just say that if the pilot, the hero central to the story, had been a woman then this would have been a completely different book with an utterly different tone. But you feel that this thought would never have occurred to the author. A woman? Flying a ? That's a man's job.

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Women would at best be serving drinks on a flight, or maybe could do a good job cleaning the 'plane when it landed. Some of the views that the men in the book express about women are borderline hilarious.

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Here's a fairly typical example: "Lawrence wasn't sure if he approved of women air traffic controllers. It was not the sort of job he would trust to a woman's flighty mind. Women were for minding homes, having children, making love. Not for controlling aeroplanes. Similar views are regularly expressed through the dialogue, actions and the scenes leaving me chuckling away in anticipation of a woman at the high point of a dramatic set piece being told to go and fix the hero a sandwich. The overall impression is given that this had taken off from a Surrey golf club with a sign at check-in stating "No blacks, no Irish, no dogs.

This had me thinking that such an incident would probably give a much needed facelift to the surrounding towns of Irvine, Saltcoats and Ardrossan. Meanwhile residents of Kilmarnock would celebrate the obliteration of Ayr United in the microsecond before the blast hit them.