Living With Body Dysmorphic Disorder (Biography Series Book 12)

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Stigmatizing mental health only harms our society more; insinuating that there is something to be ashamed or embarrassed of only prevents people from seeking the help they need. If you or someone you know is struggling, here are hotlines that solely exist to support you. This was for twenty years before doctors told her it was destroying her kidneys and forced her to choose between functioning kidneys, or the little pink pills that saved her life.

Everything around me came into question: What was real, what was imaginary? What was genuine feeling and what was the disorder? Who was I in relationship to the disease? What was mental illness? How long had it been around?

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This is a relative term. Depression has changed everything for me. Do you know that an estimated percent of those suffering are men? Steroid use has the potential to be destructive both short term and long term. Brian Cuban is living proof. He first began using anabolic steroids in his mid-twenties, another destructive behavior of Body Dysmorphic Disorder BDD , a psychological disorder in which a person becomes obsessed with their appearance or self-image. After starving himself, binging and purging, and excessive exercise bulimia, Cuban turned to steroids. Spending thousands of dollars on black market steroids, risking arrest and all the physical side effects, some temporary, some permanent.

Almost losing his left leg after ignoring a staph infection brought on by using dirty needles, Cuban required major surgery, and to this day continues to have leg and other health problems as a result. Substance use disorders have always been higher than the societal norm in the legal profession. Most lawyers know someone in the legal profession whose career was either lost or significantly harmed due to addiction.

Attorneys and law students like anyone else can be genetically pre-disposed to alcoholism, substance use disorders, depression, eating disorders and even adult self-harm. The stress of practicing law can be an environmental trigger to these issues. The associated shame and fear of judgment can inhibit a lawyer from disclosing these issues until there both physical and employment consequences. Brian Cuban discusses his experiences with mental health issues, both as a law student at the University Of Pittsburgh and practicing attorney in Dallas Texas for over twenty years.

Brian discusses his recovery, redefining his career as well as restoring family and passion for life. Brian Cuban, a lawyer by trade and a secular Jew, describes how he had to repair himself from serious mental health challenges to reevaluate his goals in life, change course, and begin to engage in his pursuit of social action and justice.

Helping others suffering from mental health challenges to repair their world and the world in general. Brian Cuban understands what is like to stare into an abyss of depression and hopelessness. In the summer of he decided to end his life. He did not see it as selfish. He saw it as an act of love and felt his family would be better off without him. He is only alive today because a friend and family members did not mind their own business at a time when Brian was isolating from contact with the outside world in fog of depress drugs and alcohol.

In this presentation, Brian describes the events that led to that moment and why it is so important that we not wait for those we think may be struggling to reach out for help. It is imperative that we not mind our own business. It may be the one moment that matters.

7 Stunning Memoirs About Mental Illness

Thank you for being you. What a powerful and inspirational talk. Thank you so much.

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  4. We are going to share it with all of our QE employees, and I know that it will be meaningful and touch people and help people. Thank you for being vulnerable. What a beautiful and poetic ending about finally talking to the little boy and letting him know that you love him.

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    That is a real healing moment. I highly recommend Brian Cuban as a keynote speaker for your next event. Thank you, Brian, for sharing your story and advocating for others in the process. You are an articulate, humble, passionate, talented human being. We need more people like you! There were NO negative comments or criticisms either a first.

    Judith M. McInturff, Esq. Brian pointed out in his presentation on how many in the legal field are two times as likely to suffer from anxiety, depression, addiction, and suicidal ideations.

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    He highlighted the need to build places of belonging where we can best serve each other and our clients, and find ways to reduce the shame and stigma around these natural human releases to the stresses of our profession. Brian pointed out that even the most successful among us are just as vulnerable and real as everyone else. We at Winston will continue to collaborate with him and hope he helps you and your organizations find the path to well-being.

    Live well! I found his presentation to be engaging and enlightening to the struggles of those with addictions, eating disorders and other mental illnesses. I was especially impressed with his humility and willingness to share the intimate details of his struggle with us. He exuded a genuine concern and desire to help those with similar struggles.

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    His inspirational story left the audience with a sense of hope and proof that recovery is possible for those battling addiction. I encourage anyone who has the opportunity to hear Mr. McAllister, J. M -South Carolina Bar Convention. Brian Cuban tells a powerful and compelling story that can change lives. He inspires with his honesty and his deep desire to help those around him learn from his experiences, to seek help when they need it, and, as a result, to see their way to a better future.

    Law student and lawyer wellness is a critical issue that we must constantly attend to; Brian brings that message home clearly and with passion. We are so proud to call him our alum and our friend. Ralph Peterson, Five-Star Leadership teams within the long-term care industry. Leadership, Management, Motivation, Healthcare. Ralph Peterson is the owner and operator of Ralph Peterson, LLC, a management development company that specializes in helping mission driven organizations build Five-Star management teams within the long-term Care industry.

    Peterson brings more than 20 years of experience into senior management, organizational development and human resources, all in one package. He has consulted to a wide variety of industries, large and small, always brings to the table a practical approach, sound advice and a great sense of humor. Uneducated, unskilled but unwilling to give up, Ralph Peterson dropped out of high school at the age of sixteen — with very little ability and even less ambition — after he was told he was a hands-on learner and destined for menial work.

    Though Ralph tried everything from housekeeping to construction work, he always felt he could do better. After more than eight years bouncing around from one meaningless job to another, Ralph finally had enough. Studies have shown that nursing facilities with a 4-Star rating or higher are managed by leadership teams that are better trained, proactive and have the right systems in place to fulfill their mission. Developing a Five-Star Leadership Team is the key to achieving the goals of your long-term care community both in terms of quality care and top-notch service.

    How do you find, hire, train and motivate staff to come into work every day in a field that no one wants to work in, while ensuring the quality of that work meets the exceeding demands of your department? Become a highly effective role model and influential leader. Effective leadership and management skills begin and end with the way in which the manager conducts him or herself on a consistent basis. I had been drinking all day and could barely stand. It was my forty-second birthday. It was an environment that he swore he would never emulate. Today, Ralph — a high school drop out — has four college degrees.

    He has written two books, is an Internationally Syndicated Columnist, and owns a successful management consulting firm. He has learned how to take control of his life, losing more than lbs without surgery, or a magic pill , he has completed more than 40 marathons, and he is sober. Overcoming Your History, is an inspirational story about triumph. Ralph is a brilliant story teller that uses humor, and real life examples to arm attendees with a renewed sense of purpose as well as practical tips and strategies that will enable them to see, understand and overcome any obstacle they may be facing.

    Weight Loss, depression, alcoholism, working at a job you hate, or spending your time with people that are no good for you. This keynote is for everyone who struggles and dreams of one day having, seeing and doing more. In this seminar, attendees will learn how to effectively communicate and lead in a multi-generational environment. He fills the room with energy and he is obviously passionate about his topics. I would highly recommend his presentation on Generational Differences related to managing in the 21st Century. I highly recommend him as a speaker. His topics are relevant to all departments and across industries.

    Body Dysmorphia Ruined My Life - Lorraine

    LeadingAge RI highly recommends having Ralph as a speaker at your next event. His passion and enthusiasm for what he does, deep understanding of this process, and genuine commitment to quality care makes working with him both enjoyable and successful. We are looking forward to moving on to Silver with Ralph by our side.