Golden Triangle

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Golden Triangle

Expatriates brought these goods from Yunnan back to Xiamaguan over 20 years ago, and today the contacts and routes where the drugs were transported are still in place, despite government efforts. Soon the inhabitants of Xiamaguan fell into a vicious circle: the traffickers also began to become addicts.

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Arrests, separated families, children used as couriers and, more generally, the living conditions of the people have contributed to high social deprivation throughout the area. Since , controls have increased and the situation has improved slightly.

The 'Hall of Opium' Museum in the Golden Triangle

New regulations have brought a breath of fresh air to exasperated citizens: drug users, when caught in the act, are sent to special detoxification centres, whereas the smugglers end up in prison. In addition to the outbreaks in small suburban centers, in some cases, drug trafficking is widespread. China has to deal with the increase in the flow of drugs coming from the Vietnamese border, where the so-called Golden Triangle lies — an area between Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Given the geography of the territory, comprising jungle and dense vegetation, it is almost impossible for the Chinese government to control the entire border area.

In , Beijing seized Meanwhile, as the New York Times notes, a new opiate from China, following the aforementioned path, is taking away work from the many Mexican farmers involved in the heroin production chain.

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Meanwhile, the Chinese police are rolling up their sleeves and are ready for action. The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation GTAEF was set up primarily to help elephants that cannot help themselves: for those that find themselves, through abuse or through circumstance, unable to provide and maintain an income for themselves, for their mahouts and their families. Until we reach that point the Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation works with our partner hotels to give and promote ethical work for those elephants that are able, while providing a safe, healthy environment for those that are not.

The Golden Triangle Asian Elephant Foundation not only works with Captive Thai Elephants, but supports and oversees many other wild elephant and conservation projects…. Meet some of our Elephants and learn their stories….

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