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He has a tattoo on his right arm of a half black half white dog. He has scars on his back and stomach from the nights his father beat him. He has cuts on his wrist. He usually wears v-necks, jeans, a sweatshirt to hide his cuts, and vans. Preston is a very unstable person. He acts like everything is fine on the outside, but his inside is dark.

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He is dark and mysterious. He always is having thoughts about why he is alive. He cuts himself almost every day.

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  • He was once a very intelligent and bright boy but that person isn't around anymore. He still works out. He uses this to relieve some stress that he has. He has an addiction to smoking and alcohol, but only drinks and smokes in private. He is openly gay. He is a flirt, but is afraid of being turned away. He will not tell his secrets, and does not trust many people. Birch was interested in ghosts, so he would watch ghost shows, research haunted houses, and occasionally went on ghost hunts with some friends.

    He went on a tour of one of the most haunted houses in the country, The Winchester House. While there he met a woman. Birch was very attracted to her so he went up to her and started a conversation. Her name was Abigail Maine and she was also interested in ghosts as well. He asked if she would like to go on a date with him. She gladly accepted.

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    The next night they went out and she went home with him. They had a fling and Abigail left him. Birch never heard from her till 9 months later, on April 16, Birch found a baby outside his door with a letter from Abigail saying,. I had no choice. This is your son. Name him what you like. Please take care of him. You need to keep a special watch on him. His life could be in huge danger later on.

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    I want you to send him to a special camp when he is older. Thank you for the great time. Please be careful Birch. Love, Abigail Maine P. The dog is for him. His name is Phantom. Birch promised himself he would take care of the boy, for Abigail. He raised Preston to be a good Christian boy. They went to church every Sunday. His dad sent him to a Catholic Private School.

    As a child he made outstanding grades and was one of the top in his class. He always knew he was not the same as other children, and this always bothered him. He would go home and ask his dad why he felt different, and his dad would tell him he did not know. Preston loved his dog, Phantom. When Preston was not at school, Phantom was always with him. They did almost everything together.

    As he got older, Preston was always one of the more popular boys.

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    He played basketball, football, and baseball, so he was popular with the jocks. He also played saxophone, so he was also popular with the band kids. Preston and his friends would always hang out and his friends would start to talk about cute girls and Preston did not like those conversations. This also worried him. Preston ignored this and forced himself to date girls that liked him to cover his true feelings.

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    When Preston was 14, he told his father that he was gay. Birch did not react well. Birch was furious with his son. Birch beat Preston for months, and every time Birch did this, Phantom would bark and try to stop it.

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    Preston became depressed and did not talk to his friends. His grades dropped, because he did none of his work. He started not to care anymore. Phantom tried to play with him, but Preston ignored him. The rumors eventually spread around the school and he was bullied everyday and beat up by his peers. Preston started to cut himself. He would sit in his bathroom and continuously cut himself. Chen, Binghe Least-squares finite element method for singularly perturbed problems and the Oseen problem.

    Chen, Chun-Liang Functional and structural characterization of the mevalonate diphosphate decarboxylase and the isopentenyl diphosphate isomerase from Enterococcus faecalis.

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    Chen, Ji Investigating and expanding the functionality of RNA catalysts: Studies of the hepatitis delta virus, the hammerhead, and the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase-like ribozymes. Chen, Keru Physiological aspects of relative changes in nitrogen and plant density stress tolerances over a year period of US maize hybrid introductions.

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