Angels of the Mud

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Florence was caught, virtually unaware that night and was ill-equipped to deal with the aftermath of the flood that damaged or destroyed many masterpieces and rare books. With very few emergency measures in place or workforce to clean up the resulting mess, when the flood struck Florence in , Florence depended greatly on volunteers dubbed the Mud Angels—gli Angeli di fango who descended upon the city shortly after learning about the flood.

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The young volunteers faced not only knee deep slime and mud, but also the sticky Nafta fuel oil that gushed from broken heating lines coating stone walls, statues, and marble surfaces. The water damage too was quite significant. Shop windows were shattered, merchandise ruined and cars were trashed, dragged through the streets by powerful currents and left piled one on top of the other.

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The Mud Angels worked tirelessly, inspired by hope and a willingness to make a difference. Most were never paid for their efforts and many slept in boxcars in the train yard of Santa Maria Novella. Others were given the assignment of smearing walls with caustic solvents to pull the oils from the surface of ancient buildings. Howard, CMGL Previously, the information was a well-kept secret, guarded by professionals who rarely shared what they learned with others.

50 years on, Florence recalls its 'Angels of the Mud'

The research was noticed by The Corning Museum of Glass after hearing Horton speak of her experiences. It was a timely event, as three months later the infamous Flood of hit Corning, N.

These hundreds of volumes have careful notations and documentation of conservation within their pages, evidence of her extensive work. The book had extensive treatment done, including washing of debris, de-acidification to prevent decay of the paper, and rebinding the pages in leather. The Rakow Research Library is open to the public 9 am to 5 pm every day.

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The Mud Angels an evening-length puppet-object theater and dance work A few images, please see video excerpt and description below. The Mud Angels an evening-length puppet-object theater and dance work Excerpt — Full video link available upon request. The Mud Angels is an evening-length puppet and dance theater performance piece with an inspired musical score by Val Opielski.