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For these speakers, luck is pronounced with the same vowel as duck , but look might well sound the same as Luke.

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Listen to the way this speaker pronounces the in his opening statement: it crossed my mind for the police service. It is important to recognise in some cases speakers produce a more fully articulated the: as in the second part of this extract to go in the police force. This illustrates perfectly how an individual speaker can fluctuate between markedly local features of speech and more mainstream norms. Listen to the following recordings featured on this site for examples of definite article reduction: Wearhead , Read , Kniveton , Burnley and Leeds.

Speakers in some rhotic areas of the UK might make a three-way distinction between words such as paw, pour and poor , while non-rhotic speakers might pronounce all three the same.

Listen carefully to the way this speaker pronounces the words older, all, child and single. It is also a feature of speech in a number of Scottish accents, notably around Glasgow and Edinburgh. Listen to the following recordings featured on this site for examples of L-vocalisation: Hackney traditional , East Harting , Nottingham , Hackney contemporary , Canterbury and Milland.

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Phonological variation across the UK. Discover the origins of this important distinction in British accents and explore how differences in pronunciation can reveal our local and regional identities.

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If you overheard the following statement, the pronunciation of the word mask might help you to guess where the speaker comes from: happen she were wearing a mask The pronunciation of the word mask here could be very revealing. The BATH variation map Click on a location on the map below to hear how speakers in different parts of England pronounce words such as bath, laugh and grass in the 21st century. Listen to these extracts of speakers using regionally specific accent features.

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Definite article reduction. His latest publication Evolving English WordBank: a glossary of present-day English dialect and slang draws on sound recordings made by visitors to the exhibition. My research explores how individuals and communities use language to construct social styles, differences, and affiliations.

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My work is interdisciplinary drawing upon methodologies from anthropology and sociology, in addition to linguistics , often collaborative, and has evolved through Research Projects below. Research project 1 : Language, adolescence, and the social meaning of syntax. My PhD research on adolescent language employed an ethnographic methodology to examine the ways in which young people used language to reflect and construct social identity. Most significantly, it demonstrated that features of grammar can carry social meaning in ways that had only previously be proven for accent features.

I collected a large corpus of data during my PhD, and I continue to analyse and publish on the linguistic phenomena in this dataset.

Phonological variation across the UK - The British Library

I am currently working on a monograph that uses this data to examine how children exploit grammatical variation to communicate affiliations, attitudes, and stances. By examining the complex ways in which nonstandard grammatical variation functions, I aim to expose the problems with current methods used to teach children Standard English grammar at Key Stages 3 and 4. Research project 2 : Language and community identity. This project traces language variation and change on the Isles of Scilly. Research project 3 : Language and social inequality. It has included working with the Park Youth Club in Sheffield in collaboration with a practitioner Dr.

To this end, I am working towards a project with Dr. Julia Snell Leeds , Dr. Sarah Spencer Sheffield , and Dr. Ian Cushing UCL. Research project 4 : Language perceptions. As part of Research Project 2, we developed a piece of software which can be used to test language perceptions. Elected fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute I currently supervise in the areas of variationist sociolinguistics, ethnography, dialectology, gender and sexuality, and ethnicity, and welcome PhD applicants who wish to undertake interdisciplinary work in language and linguistics.

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My PhD students include:. All academic staff. Research themes. You searched for Search again Try our course search.